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Each release folder contains all the software for the release on that date.

The CHANGELOG.txt explains what has changed in each release.
Normally you will download the most recent release.  This is posted to the ftp site.  Previous releases can be posted on request.
To install the GUI download the latest .exe file. Double-click and follow the instructions. 
When the installation is complete the GUI will start automatically. 
The installer puts a startup icon on the desktop and an entry in the Windows Start Menu. You can use either to start the GUI.

A portable version is also available as a .zip file. This can be unzipped to your hard drive or a USB stick. 
The gui is started by clicking the .exe file. 
No icons or registry entries are affected by this version so it is ideal for computers that are locked-down by your IT department.

The GUI has built-in help that is opened by the Help > Contents menu item.  
There is also an online wiki at that has the most recent version of the built-in help.

You may obtain further assistance from Bentek Support at 587-350-5195 available Monday-Friday 8 am to 5 pm Mountain Time (MT).
Also see the Bentek Support website at